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     We are excited about the 2017 race and car show season.  ProQ is growing as the Nation’s leading motorsports event management software and we’ve selected sponsorships for the 2017 season.  You can see it in action at the 2017 F Body Nationals.

Race Talk Radio with Dennis Michelsen

     ProQ is a one-stop motorsports event software solution for drivers, racing teams, event promoters and associations. Manage memberships from as few as 25 to daily attendance of 250,000.  No club or association is too big or small for ProQ.

     Raise advance ticket sales, judge car shows on  your phone, simplify management tasks, market via e-newsletters, manage volunteer workload, keep track of expenses, and sell more merchandiseOwn your data without the need for spreadsheets and lost paper files. ProQ is your organization’s private database accessible from home, the track, airport or hotel. If you’ve inherited a membership mess and would like better control over your data, ProQ’s Web forms integrate into your Websitesaving you and your staff hours of frustration by streamlining registration and liability releases. Clubs and associations don’t get better by chance; they get better by change. Don’t pass on the same mess you were handed. At prices that start at less than the cost of the average monthly residential cable TV bill, you can have your own virtual IT department. Develop a database that works for you. Get ProQ today!


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  • Sheryl Matthys

    Founder, Successful Women Made Here

    CRM plus event management, newsletters and Web forms have finally allowed me to get away from countless excel files.

  • Sherry Bannourah

    Marketing Manager, Bradley Financial

    Advertising and selling tickets to our suite at IMS is easier using the ProQueue system. Newsletters, Web forms, and payments are all part of our customers history in one database. We are now sold out for Race Day.

  • Michelle Taylor

    Operations Manager, Frye Electric Inc.

    Using the Web forms allows us to qualify our inbound contacts and route them to departments and staff. We even created an online application for employment form for HR. No more paper forms!

  • Sarah Ford

    Marketing Director, Indiana Pork Association

    Mobile friendly surveys are a great way for us to monitor customers experience while at the Indiana State Fair. ProQueue allows us to keep year over year history of our visitors and purchases.

  • Doug Harrison

    President, Canaley Process Equipment

    ProQueue is a system of thinking that is so intuitive, all of my staff uses it consistently. A nice change from our previous system.

  • Joe Pesek

    CEO, PreClinOmics

    ProQueue is an affordable, one software solution that allows me to accurately measure my sales teams’ performance.

  • Kim Decker

    Office Manager, T.A. Kaiser

    Keeping track of all our branches in different States and their clients is not easy. ProQueue allows us to measure and know which websites are generating more leads AND, how our Sales Reps are following up.

  • Chris Sondles

    President, American Tri-Five Association

    ProQueue allows my staff to easily track all our contacts across our three divisions. Building cars and selling classic Chevy parts at Woody’s Hot Rodz, event management at the Tri-Five Nationals and membership of the American Tri-Five Association.