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Car Show Judges Use Their Phones

Each judge brings up their judging page, inputs the car number, then enters a score for each category.   You determine the scoring category fields and set the acceptable values for each.  You can use 1-10, 1-100, or any other range.   After a judge enters all the field scores, they hit “Submit” and the score goes directly into the ProQ database.  Very user friendly, so training time is short.

Forecast future revenues

By using the opportunity tool within ProQ motorsports software, you can forecast incoming revenue.  Look for sponsorships, donations and pledges in the next six months, one year, or another specified time frame.

You can also use the forecasting tool to predict highs and lows in your cash flow to plan your fundraising and budget timelines.  Another use of the forecasting tool is to see what has been received and what is behind schedule.

Save your staff time

ProQ allows you to cut the time spent on writing, printing, and mailing requests and receipts to your donors.  Since they are important parts of fundraising, they can also be immense time drains on your staff.

Another feature is ProQ’s estimate tool.  It saves you time and prevent human error by allowing you to build customized sponsorship, pledge, and donation requests.  These items allow pre-set descriptions so that you can create them with just a few quick clicks.

Set up pre-scheduled invoicing

You can pre-schedule invoices for e-mail or print delivery to sponsors on any date you select.  ProQ’s customizable invoicing tool allows you to automatically send receipts to donors and sponsors upon receipt of on-line payment.  However, if you’d rather print and mail it, ProQ creates a PDF version you can print out.


E-newsletters are among the most cost-effective ways to solicit donations and sponsorships.  Because of that, ProQ has a built-in e-newsletter machine that lets you build customized, targeted newsletters.  There is no need to export your e-mail list and import it into separate, time consuming, and costly e-mail software.

Easy mail merge and reporting capabilities

Create mail merges using specific criteria from your database. Do you want to contact all the people who have donated in the last year, two years, or five years? Do you want to write a different e-mail or letter to the people who were sponsors last year, but not this year? Do you want to know which of your sponsors were also vendors?

No problem!  You pick the parameters that meet your needs.   As long as the information is in your database, you can pull that data out.  So, there is no need for cross referencing to make sure you’re reaching the right people.

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