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Safe, Secure & Accurate Data

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Your Data Belongs to You, Not Us

To protect your data, you will be assigned a unique log-in and password.  Other ProQ users, including ProQ staff themselves, have no access to your database without your permission. Your unique database remains your company’s proprietary property – no one else’s.

Preserve your Data and Accuracy in one Place

Keep all the information you have in one easy-to-use database.  ProQ flags potential duplicate contacts and allows for easy merging of existing duplicates.  Therefore, you have a quick, easy way to clean up inaccurate or outdated information after it is imported into ProQ. 

Streamline Information, Reducing Errors and Time 

You will no longer have to input or keep track of countless paper forms.  Licenses, liability waivers, and medical certifications can all be kept in your database.   ProQ has built-in, customizable, and easy-to-install web forms that funnel data directly into the database.  Submitted data is instantly available to you automatically.  Because of that, customer or member relationship management is easier than ever with ProQ!

Safe from Natural Disasters

All data in ProQ is secured and backed up in one of three F5-certified data centers in Illinois. They were built to withstand natural disasters, electronic malfunctions, and hacking.  It doesn’t get any more secure than that, so you never have to worry about losing your data again.

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