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Race & Event Day

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Box office

ProQ’s point of sale (POS) solutions are made to simplify your staff work on Race Day.  From simple wireless handheld ticket scanners to more advanced driver license scanners, ProQ can reduce or eliminate membership data entry.   High volume box office solutions include:

  • Windows laptops or tablets
  • Wireless handheld scanners
  • Credit card processing (using your own payment gateway)
  • Barcode ticket printing

Mobile check-in apps

Maybe you don’t want to use handheld scanners or you experience a rush of foot traffic.   ProQ has a check-in app that can be downloaded to your staffs’ cell phones.  They simply scan the ticket or driver license with their phone.  The data is sent directly to ProQ giving you real-time attendance check-in.

Is it too expensive?   Nope.   It is included in ProQ, with no additional fees per ticket.   Our competitors charge $.24 to $.59 per printed ticket – but it’s free with ProQ.

Easy check-in

ProQ is accessible from your office, your home, and even at the race track.   You can eliminate the need for paper check-in with electronic check-in via tablet or laptop.

The flexible structure allows you to check in attendees, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, fans, media and participants all at the same place.  Therefore, the need for multiple check-in points is eliminated with ProQ.

Immediate information capture

By checking people in with ProQ, you can update important information on those people right at the door.   There is no question that you’ll be able to directly communicate with them in the future.

Instant gratification and progress reports

ProQ keeps a running tally of all revenue generated from day-of ticket and product sales.  It also keeps track of attendees and no-shows so you have instantly accurate numbers all through Race Day.  You could pass it along to the press, or your board, or other stakeholders.  This feature eliminates the need for data entry from paper forms or ticket stubs later!  You will be all done when you close the gate.

Sponsors and Donors Members and Fans Safe, Secure, and Accurate Data On-line Merchandise and Ticket Sales