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Increased Sales Productivity and Continuity

ProQ streamlines the accumulation of engagement and activity from drivers, fans and members in one place.  Therefore, a full historical timeline is captured.   This feature improves continuity for your operation during staff changes.   For instance, if key salesperson gets sick or leaves their position, another member of your team can pick up exactly at the drop off point.  There is no need for weeks or months of learning about the customers.  Your  new salesperson can read the timeline and the process can continue uninterrupted.  Old orders or commitments can be fulfilled and new opportunities can be identified.


It’s All in the Details

ProQ motorsports event software allows you to store detailed information on each of your contacts or members.  Their profile can include a picture of their car, all their social media links, association memberships, and more.  This information helps you to anticipate needs and identify additional opportunities, thereby delivering a more personalized service.  And, when a member calls in, your staff knows quickly which car they own and can quickly identify what the member needs.  If a spouse calls in, you can help them find a birthday gift for their spouse because you see the details in their profile.  That is customer service at its best!

Customizable, Personalized Newsletters for Members and Fans

ProQ’s advanced reporting tool and built-in e-newsletter machine lets you send targeted, personalized e-mails to specific people or groups.  Do you want to contact only the people with a specific model and make?  Do you want to reach people located in a specific geographical region?  Maybe you want to re-send a previous newsletter to a new member?

No problem!    ProQ’s newsletter machine eliminates the need to export your e-mail addresses and import them into costly e-newsletter software.  And, the cost of an emailed newsletter is only one penny.  This is half what our competitors charge, and about 100 times cheaper than printing and mailing a hard copy.  Plus, it only takes a few seconds to send it on it’s way!

Organize Tours and Trips with Ease

You can deliver the best client service though ProQ’s easy mapping and GPS technology.  It is easy to organize group tours, trips, and meeting points based on your members, drivers’ and participants’ geographic locations.  You can easily see where your fan base is located and identify even more opportunities!

Calendar Scheduling

ProQ has a Task tool that allows you to schedule follow-up contact tasks and meetings with members or contacts.  The ProQ calendar integrates with Office 365 and Google Calendar.  It’s intuitive design gives your staff easy, actionable items and due dates that they can complete and then record historical notes.


Transparency of Staff Work

You’ll never again have to wonder whether your staff really did what they said they did.  Staff phone calls, e-mails, snail mail, meetings, and notes can all be recorded in ProQ for you to review.   You can enforce that “if it’s not in ProQ, it didn’t happen.”

There is no need to ask multiple questions of your staff and have time-consuming meetings to follow up with your staff.   That is because you can quickly access ProQ from anywhere in the world — office, home, beach, or the race track -and see the history of what activity has occurred.

Also, ProQ’s mile tracker will automatically track their mileage and routes to and from meetings.  This makes it easy to verify expense reports and trip charges.    

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