Save Time with Car Show Judging on Your Phone

July 13, 2017

Car show judging takes a lot of time and resources.  The hours just zip by as each judge scores each car, and then more time is eaten up while Staff adds the sheets.  Frustration can build because you need the results finished before the advertised time of the winners’ presentation.

What if you are short one judge?  How about if too many cars show up?   Will the crowd get noisy if you postpone the announcements?

Car show judging 3If you have similar problems using a manual system, you need to take a look at ProQ Motorsports event software!  It reduces your stress, the judges workload, and makes car show judging easier for all the staffers, too.

At the 2017 Sturgis Camaro Rally, judging by phone was a huge time saver for everyone.   Since the rally is growing, they had even more entries this year than last.   That growth made the switch from manual to automated judging a huge improvement for everyone involved.  Both leaders and staff appreciate the changeover to ProQ event management software.

According to Alexiss Miller, President of the event: “My judges liked how easy it was to use and the information filled in instantly.  It saved a tremendous amount of time since we didn’t have to hand tally 600 sheets and the system tallied it for us.  It saved me 4 hours plus I didn’t have to get 5 people to help me with it.  Definitely a time saver for shows!”

Each judge simply inputs the car number, then a score for each category you want.   You pick the scoring fields and set the values.  You can use 1-10 or set it for some other range.   The system is highly flexible for your needs.  After a judge enters all the field scores, he just hits “Submit” and the score goes directly into the ProQ database.  The simplicity makes it very user friendly, so user training time is very short.

Determining the Rankings

Each car is immediately ranked by class, type of car, model year, or any other bracket you want.   ProQ calculates and provides the results for every car within seconds after each submission.   No one has to do any tallying to get the final rankings – it’s already done!

Below is a 4-car example of  the basic score totals, although more detailed reports can be generated if desired.  Notice that each car number shows the key identifying information you need to know.

Because registrants input the data themselves, errors are greatly reduced and staff time is cut way down.  It is the best motorsports event software in existence today.  Built by a Car Guy for Car Guys!

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car show judging 4