Renew Cancelled Memberships Easily

October 24, 2016

Restarting cancelled memberships can be confusing, but ProQ makes it easy.  Whether it simply expired by oversight, or was intentionally cancelled, you want that member back.

As shown in this image, ProQ provides a list of all previous cancellations after you push one button, “Cancelled Memberships.”   To switch back, you just press another button, “Active Memberships.”

Membership Design

A key design point inside ProQ is that the membership number (901, 772, etc.) remains in place.  The system does not delete it or give it to another member.

cancelled membership 2Let’s say a previous member calls in and wants to restart their expired membership.  You press the “Cancelled Memberships” button first, then look them up by typing in a few letters of their name.  When you see them just press the “Reactivate” button, input their payment, and they are back in business.  So Easy!

Read our Testimonials page and see what others are saying about ProQ.   You no longer have to keep track of countless paper forms, licenses, liability waivers, and medical certifications.  ProQ’s built-in, customizable, and easy-to-install Web forms communicate directly with the ProQ database. It populates it automatically, making customer or member relationship management easier than ever!

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