Newsletter Marketing Strategy

November 1, 2016

Newsletter Marketing Strategy 2The fundamental key to the ProQ newsletter marketing strategy is focusing on important relationships .  The ProQ design based on the types of connections that exist with and between Contacts.

Most people believe they get too many marketing messages every day.   They delete, blacklist, and sometimes even swear at those who send out those annoying messages.  But they don’t feel that way when the subject in the message is interesting.  If they want to buy it, or learn more, or attend the event — they are glad to get that message.

The Newsletter Marketing Strategy for Motorsports

ProQ newsletters are easy to create for each segment of your audience, based on their relationship with you. Send them to those people you expect to want them.

  • You already have a good relationship with people bought your annual event t-shirt twice.  ProQ lets you search for their names and build on that information. Create a newsletter offer for 10% off on the upcoming event t-shirt and send it out.  Chances are you’ll get a good response from this group — much better than if you had sent it to everyone.
  • How about using your relationship with people who bought tickets last year but don’t live near your event?  Work out some promotions with local hotels or restaurants.  Create a newsletter that offers those discounts to help people decide to attend again this year.  You already know they like your event, so just give them some incentive to come back again.
  • Another approach is using your relationship with attendees right after an event closes.   Suppose you have a lot left over hats, posters, or other merchandise that didn’t sell.  Maybe some people didn’t have the money while they were there, or maybe they wanted a lower price.  Create a newsletter showing discounted items and put that offer in front of them.  It might be enough to help you move the goods and not have to store them.

Regardless of your relationship with each Contact, you already know things about them that can guide a newsletter marketing strategy.

Easy to Use and Cost Effective

ProQ has a simple but powerful editor for making simple or complex newsletters.  You can create templates and reuse them, or just duplicate your last one and modify it.   The cost is only one penny per newsletter sent, much lower than the USPS and half that of our competitors.  Save money and improve your success.  Contact us today to find out more.

Newsletter Marketing Strategy 1