Increase Sales of Motorsports Tickets

October 28, 2016

If you want to increase sales of motorsports tickets, ProQ has all the features you need.  And since all those features are in one software package, it is a powerful tool for you.

There are four mechanisms that work together to increase motorsports ticket sales within ProQ.  Those four are: (1) a customized CRM (customer relationship manager), (2) social media connections,  (3) the smart use of newsletters, and (4) web forms.

A Customized CRM

The ProQ structure itself is the first mechanism.   It is a CRM built by a car-guy specifically for other car-guys so it has the data fields and reports needed for Motorsports.

Every field label and drop down value can be quickly edited for your specific need.   This example shows just a few of the fields that most competitors don’t include because they weren’t built for the motorsports industry.

Motorsports Tickets 2

You can keep a history of past positions held, previous companies worked and other relevant information for each Contact.   ProQ shows every ticket or merchandise purchase in the past.

And, you can quickly pull up a list of everyone who purchased tickets to last year’s event.  Send them an early-bird offer for this year tickets and see your ticket sales shoot up!

When someone shows up at the gate as a first time sale or a walk-in, you can quickly add them as a Contact and record the ticket sale.  Your database of past sales should be growing at every event.  And when it does, you should be using touching those Contacts in advance of your next event.

Social Media Connections

The second mechanism is that ProQ shows all known social media connections in the profile of every Contact. You easily add a new one by simply pasting the full URL link into the blank field shown here.

Motorsports Tickets 2

ProQ will decide which venue (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that link comes from, and will save it with the appropriate label.   Having this information handy really speeds up your ability to connect with the right people to sell advance tickets.  You can also pull up a list of all Facebook users, or all Linked-In users, in case you want to market specifically to them.

Newsletter Marketing for Motorsports

The smart use of newsletters is easy in ProQ, so that is the third mechanism. Design them yourself using the simple WYSIWYG editor, choose which Contacts to receive them, and set a date and time to send.   ProQ will send them out per your instructions, and will capture how they are received.  At only one cent per newsletter sent, ProQ is 50% cheaper than other leading newsletter software.

How many newsletters were opened?  Did any of them bounce?  How many people clicked on the links?   All that information will be at your fingertips.     When you send the right newsletters, they can really increase sales.  Don’t just market to “everyone” and hope they buy tickets.    Create and send a newsletter “special offer” to specific people who did a certain type of behavior in the past.   There is a higher probability they’ll do that same behavior this year.  No need to wait until they arrive at the event – sell tickets to them early!

Web Forms for Motorsports Tickets

Web forms are the fourth mechanism, because they act as the input instrument for on-line motorsports tickets.  No need for Staff to input the data from a phone call, and maybe even misspell someone’s name.    Guide the customer to the automated web form via a smart newsletter and let them input their own information.   Sell your tickets this way in advance, with no Staff interaction.  ProQ will provide real-time reports on tickets sold, revenue, and number of people to expect.


ProQ is the Solution to Increasing Sales of Motorsports Tickets

There are many other features in ProQ that will help manage any motorsports activity.   Give us a call at (317) 299-RACE and let us show you how to get more traction in ticket sales!