ProQ Motorsports Newsletters Keep You Connected

January 18, 2017

Sending motorsports newsletters is a good way to keep you connected to your customers.  And to attract new ones.  We know that motorsports fans are eager for new information about the next race or about their favorite driver.   Emailed newsletters are the perfect vehicle for that kind of communication.

Stop using paper forms!  Why waste precious staff time processing them? Stop paying so much money to get your message out!

motorsports newslettersWith ProQ you can easily create short, direct messages that your customers will want to receive.  You can easily include links to specific pages, such as ticket or merchandise sales, or to a relevant video they will enjoy.  Send announcements like this one to everyone who registered last year so that they get their tickets early.

Since ProQ contains a history of your interactions with each customer, you already understand what they normally buy from you. Design different newsletters for the different interests of each customer.   Improve your relationship.  Send one kind of information to a specific interest group, and a different kind of information to another group.

The important thing is to stay connected without being overwhelming.  Automated newsletter campaigns can be set up in advance to send motorsports newsletters on specified days. Such as sale price offers on leftover merchandise one week after the race, or advance ticket sales six months before.

Campaigns are great, but you can also send a single newsletter to any contact at any time.  For instance, you can send that great newsletter from last year to a new contact with just a few simple entries.  All your newsletters are saved, so you can modify them to create another new one.  No need to start all over with a blank one.

You can also get an automated notification for anyone who clicked on a message link.  ProQ gives you a prompt to do a follow up call with them.  This  call can strengthen your relationship and show them you care about their business.   You will also be able to see how many people viewed the newsletter, which addresses bounced, and whether anyone opted out.   All this valuable information is collected by ProQ for every newsletter and is easy for you to see.

Motorsports newsletters can really help you grow your track attendance, or your merchandise sales, or your fan base.   For all motorsports-related activities, ProQ is the easiest and most comprehensive tool on the market.   Created by a Racer and designed for other Racers.

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