Measuring Sales Conference Results

December 7, 2016

measuring sales conference results

Last month you sent staff member Joe Salesman to a 3-day sales conference in Chicago to meet people and generate new contacts.  You also told him to follow up with some long-term clients and added a few tasks you wanted done.  When Joe came back he immediately filed an expense report to the tune of about $900 for hotel, meals and mileage.

He probably had a good time and may think it was a great trip for him, but you know there is no such thing as a free lunch! You had to pay for it.

How do you Measure Sales Conference Results?

  • Can you easily know your return on the $900 invested – if any?
  • How will you know how many new Contacts he made?
  • Did Joe finish the tasks and followups you assigned to him?

ProQ makes it easy to measure results

By using the Snapshot feature you can quickly get all that information.  While he was at the conference, Joe input the data each day.  Using his phone, tablet or laptop, Joe can enter each new Contact into ProQ.  He should also enter the source of each new Contact (Chicago Sales Conference) to make them easier to find.   When Joe enters an Estimate for a new Contact, you have all the data connected in your database.    You can run a Snapshot report for Joe on all activity during that time period and get a report like this sample.

easy reporting on sales conference resultsImmediately see how many new people and companies he added.   See the value of estimates Joe wrote and how many were accepted by customers.   These results equip you to accurately judge Joe’s effectiveness at that Sales Conference.  With reports like these, ProQ provides easy ways to document specific results for employee performance evaluations.

We don’t claim that ProQ will stop managers from making bad decisions. However, ProQ does allow managers and their managers to see the results of their decisions – and that is worth a lot to your company!