Managing Car Club Memberships

February 6, 2017

Managing Car Club Memberships can be difficult unless you have the right technology.  National clubs with Regional affiliates are a nightmare when you have an outdated website and use paper forms or spreadsheets.  Even some newer websites don’t have the horsepower to handle large numbers of people and images of their cars.

The best solution is one integrated database that operates from a reliable and responsive website.   ProQ Motorsports Event Management software provides all the features needed in managing car club memberships this way, and it’s mobile friendly, too.

managing car club memberships - from - The generated map chart is a high-resolution PNG image, which you can use and embed for free.National and Regional

A national club should  have “parent pages” about the club, and each regional club should have one or more “child pages” in the same site.   As new regions are added, it’s easy to add more child pages.   Each page can be easily edited by appropriate administrators to keep them current.   Another great feature to have is some pages password protected for privacy, and other pages open to viewing by the public.   Each page can be either public or private – whichever you prefer.

Roles and Permissions

ProQ has multiple levels of permissions related to different roles you assign as part of the management interface.   Administrators can be assigned permissions to control and edit content on the pages.   National Board Members will have easy access to reports, sorting of memberships and visibility to financial transactions.   Volunteers can be assigned to see only the basic information they need.

Anyone you designate can see anything you want them to see, and they can see it at any time.  ProQ will generate the reports and e-mail them in a print friendly pdf file  – to whomever you want – whenever you want.

Web Forms

Integrated web forms are placed on specific pages to gather information that feeds directly into the database.  Because of that, the database is always current and up to date in real time.  There are no spreadsheets to import or export to figure out where you are.    New web forms can be created quickly with our drag and drop interface.  Existing forms can be updated in minutes if the information you want to gather changes.

Email and Newsletters

Individual or group emails can be sent with just a few clicks.   Newsletters or promotions can be built and sent quickly in the WYSIWYG editor.   Or, they can also be built in advance and sent out at a designated time, such as the first of every month.   Templates are available and can be saved for repeated future use.

Membership Payments and Renewals

Receiving payments and pro-rating memberships can be a difficult task in managing car club memberships.  However, with ProQ, both of them are simple.   Memberships are valid for any length or time you wish.  For annual terms, members can signup at any time and be valid for 365 days.  There is no need to prorate if they join mid-year.  ProQ will notify members at 90, 60 and 30 days prior to expiration for them to renew online with no staff involvement.

We also do NOT take a percentage of any sales.  Other ticketing software charges $.99 per ticket.  The only online fees you pay with ProQ are directly to your credit card company.   We also do NOT hold any of your processed money.  All online purchases are linked directly to your financial account, and members pay into it.

ProQ also recognizes expired members and keeps their membership number.   You could create a special offer for deactivated memberships such as “rejoin and get this…” and send it to all the expired members.

Many More Features

ProQ Motorsports Event Management software offers too many features to mention them all here.   If you are managing car club memberships or an association and need a single cost-effective solution, ProQ is right for you.   It was built by a Racer for Racers, so it has the features you need for motorsports activities.

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