What Important Activities Will You Do Today?

October 25, 2016

How do your Staff members stay focused on the most important activities that need to be done?

Every user starts the day with a simple list of key items.  They can review the list throughout the day as they work on those items, so they will see the list change.   The ProQ Overview page (example shown below) functions as the user’s home screen, clearly showing items under each category.

  • Inbox: all new messages from your Contacts and all Tasks that were assigned to you to do today
  • Meetings Coming Up: all scheduled meetings that will occur today (change filter to see weekly or monthly)
  • Meetings Late: any meetings you missed, or did not record as completed
  • Follow-ups Coming Up: the name and image of the Contacts you need to engage
  • Follow-ups Overdue: a reminder for each item that hasn’t been recorded as complete
  • Tasks Archived: a list of completed tasks that you have retired.  An excellent resource for historical review when needed.

important activities

Important Activities are Highly Visible

Staff members can easily work through their Overview page.  Managers can easily check to see what each Staff Member has done, or still needs to do today.

So as you can see, ProQ keeps the focus where you want it by guiding everyone to follow up on the most needed things for a successful operation.