frequently asked questions

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hear often.  They should be helpful to you as you consider whether ProQ Motorsports Event software is the right solution for your situation.

If you need more information about any of them, you can chat, call (317-299-RACE) or email us at

Car Clubs or Association Levels

  1. Does ProQ handle multiple levels?  Yes, we are ready for international, national, regional, state and local levels, but there is no limit to the levels ProQ can handle.  It also has features for affiliates, divisions and partnerships.  Finally, you can also create interest groups if none of those other categories fit.  And, each data label can be customized to match your organization.
  2. How much information can ProQ keep about each member?  The profile for each member will accept fields of information not normally found in a CRM (customer relationship manager.)  During initial setup, the ProQ integration manager will ensure that all your existing data is imported and ready for you to use.   New members can upload images and information to fill out their own profile.   Each person can have multiple cars with photo, engine size, transmission, VIN and car name.  We can also show human relationships such as husband and wife, children, siblings and “other” such as Driver and Crew Chief or In Case Of Emergency (ICE) contacts.   Profiles include photos and details of their car(s).   For example, your staff would be able to see that the wife owns a midnight blue C3, 454 with M21 trans while the husband has a 67 Mustang and a 2001 Harley Powerglide.   ProQ can even notify staff and contacts of critical expirations such as competition licenses, medical certification dates and memberships.
  3.  What reports are available for Board Members?  During the integration process, we will discover who needs to see what data and when, and we’ll configure ProQ to generate the reports and e-mail them in a print friendly .pdf.   There is no need to import and export out of multiple pieces of software to get the data each person needs to make decisions.   Your custom reports will match organizational objectives and desires.   All of the data captured by ProQ is available for reports.

Payment Processing and Fees

  1. How much does ProQ charge for processing payments?     ZERO Dollars.    We do not have a transaction fee nor do we take a percentage of sales.  Other ticketing software charges for each ticket but we do not.  The only online fees you pay are the ones charged by your credit card company.
  2. How long does ProQ hold our funds?   ZERO Days.    ProQ does NOT hold any of your processed money.   All online purchases are linked directly to your financial institution so that customers pay you.  ProQ does not act as a middleman in your transactions.
  3. How does ProQ handle memberships and renewals?   Memberships are valid for any length or time you wish.  For example, annual members can signup at any time and be valid for 365 days.  There is no need to prorate if someone signs up mid-year.  ProQ will notify them at 90, 60 and 30 days prior to expiration for them to renew online without staff involvement.  Think of the labor savings this feature gives you.  Also, members are always retained in the database, even when they do not renew.  Because they are automatically classified as either active or inactive, it is easy to send appropriate information to each class of members.   You can send the monthly newsletter to active members, and also send a separate special offer to inactive members.  When they see your “rejoin and get this…” message, some of them may renew their expired memberships.

Car Shows and Events

  1. How does ProQ help us prepare for a car show?   Car shows and events require a lot of time and effort to plan all the logistics.  That planning is much harder when you are guessing about attendance and merchandise sales.   Planning is much easier when you have facts upon which to base your decisions.   ProQ helps you gather those facts, organize them, and distribute them to the responsible department heads.   You can create custom web forms that motivate attendance and lead registrants to give you the information in advance.   Offer promotions and get pre-sales of T-shirts and other merchandise so you know how many to order.  All of this new data will be input by attendees and added to data from prior year shows so that you can see trends and make decisions.    No spreadsheets and no cutting and pasting between applications.
  2. How does ProQ help sponsors?  Sponsors want to know what to expect in advance of the event, and ProQ can provide that.  It is easy to send a report to sponsors with contact information about attendees or registrants who have purchased or done specific things.   And we all know that a happy sponsor makes the event manager happy.

Pricing and Costs

  1. How much does it cost to use ProQ?  ProQ’s pricing is based on a one-time setup fee that varies based on which features you wish to use.   Our sales rep will show you the options available and you choose the ones you want.  A typical installation includes an initial setup charge to customize ProQ for your organization, and a monthly fee for each of your users.
  2. Do you charge for emailed newsletters?   Yes, we charge a fee of 1 cent per newsletter sent.  For example, sending one newsletter per month to 2,000 members would cost $20 in postage.  Compare that to other mailing fees to see how much you can save with ProQ.