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Relationship Management

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Increases sales productivity

By streamlining all the information on member, fan, racer, and media contacts into one place, you never miss an opportunity due to illness or staff turnover. ProQ also allows you to collect information based on companies or groups.

Easy to search and find duplicates

Find who you’re looking for by typing in a fraction of their name or e-mail address. ProQ even takes into account misspellings. It alerts you to potential duplicates, allows for easy data merges, and prompts you to input vital information so your data is clean and up to date.

Intuitive design

ProQ’s design engineers created an easy-to-use interface so that you don’t miss important details, insights, and next steps. Customized to a specific association’s needs, ProQ encourages you to dig deeper into a contact’s profile, giving you unique insight into their behaviors, associations, and relationships.

Advanced and customized reports

Use ProQ’s advanced reporting tool recognizes that every association has different reporting needs. Create customized reports on contacts, companies, and groups using our advanced reporting tool. Set your own parameters so that you can measure the data that is important to you within the time structure that you prefer. Do you need regular reports on the same data? Pre-design those reports so they automatically generate and deliver to you with one click.

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