Are you fed up with all the annual membership renewals coming in at the same time each year and you have process all those payments in the same month?

Tired of getting less than a full year of dues from new member signups at mid-year?

Are you burned out from doing the math for pro-rated dues?

Cheer Up! ProQ Motorsports Has the Solution.

These features make it easy for you to reduce your workload and speed up accurate record-keeping.  Look at the image to see how easy it is to find a member and renew them.

  1. Easy dynamic search of members with just a few letters of their name – ProQ lists all possible matches.
  2. Quickly see the status of their membership, days left on it and expiration.  Automatic membership reminders are emailed 90, 60 and 30 days before expiration for online renewal.
  3. Easy for Staff to find the person and renew if a member calls in and requests it.
  4. Switch your view away from Active Memberships using the “Canceled Memberships” button. You can renew cancelled memberships easily.
  5. Easily generate a list for mail merging of catalogs or magazines with the “Export” button.

membership renewals 1

Easy and Automatic Pro-rated Dues

Does this look familiar?  Do you have to do this for your members?

pro-rated membership renewals

The right software can eliminate that extra work.   ProQ offers membership renewals in whatever length of time you desire.  The easiest and most common way is to offer an annual membership based on the date of signing up but all others are available.

Annual signups allow members to have different anniversary dates.  So, you will receive the full amount (not the pro-rated amount) of the annual dues with each new member.   And, that makes it much easier because you are processing a consistent flow of members.  It can be stressful to have them all renewing on the same date, and you have to calculate or validate the pro-rated dues amount.

Some local associations have to separate payments with a national or regional organizations.  ProQ can also help with that by splitting and directing each payment to the right place at the right time.

Call us today at (317)-299-RACE.   Explore all the ways ProQ Motorsports Event Software can make life easier for you.  Clubs and associations don’t get better by chance; they get better by change.

You can have your own virtual IT department at prices that start at less than the cost of the average monthly residential cable TV bill.  Develop a database that works for you. Get ProQ today!