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Web site chat

ProQ's chat being used on website

To increase contact with visitors on your site who don’t wish to call, would the ability to chat with them via your website be helpful to you?

When a user visits your web site(s) and wishes to engage with you via a chat window, they can click on the chat icon located next to your phone number. Usually located in the top right corner. That will launch a dialog box on their screen asking for first name and e-mail address. (image on the right) On your end, a chat session would open notifying you that “Bill” would like to speak. IF, the e-mail address matches what is in your ProQ Dbase, then “Bill’s” profile would also automatically open for you to quickly study up. Secondly and either way, a complete text copy of the conversation would be automatically stored in history of that profile. Either because the profile already existed or because ProQ created the new profile for the contact. You can also turn the chat on and off for business hours or out to lunch, then the visitor would be guided to the contact us form.

Canned messages

Create unlimited “canned” messages for quicker response times to common questions such as, “How do I register online?”  With one click, your staff could respond with: “You can register for Danny’s Pyramid of Grip seminar at this link here:  http://www.pyramidofgrip.com/online-registration


A complete text copy of the conversation will be saved and date stamped in the contact’s timeline.

Task creation

If your employee or volunteer is not able to address the questions of the web site visitor, one-click can create a task containing a text copy of the conversation, and the task can be assigned to another representative.


Invite any web site visitor to a chat. Check out which pages they have been viewing and provide them the information they want.


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