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January 24, 2017

The 2017 Sturgis Camaro Rally is gearing up for their show, and Alexiss Miller is excited about using ProQ Motorsports Event Management Software.  We are glad to welcome Alexiss and her team to the ProQ family of users.


She already knows they will get more attendees this year from the US and Canada than in past years.  That growth would have been more difficult to manage if she continued using the old paper forms.  Alexis says she is already seeing so much labor savings and reduced anxiety that she’s glad they made the switch to ProQ.

ProQ Motorsports Event Management Software
can make your life easier and reduce your fans’ frustration.

Reduce Frustration Motorsports Event Management Software


Alexiss talked about the improvements she’s expecting and some that she has already seen.    She is excited about the new software.

Her Reasons Are:


  • We used to have a bottleneck as people arrived because we only had one computer.  Now, the check-in line will move much quicker because we can have several people using scanners for the pre-registered folks.  They can move straight into the event as they walk through.


  • We no longer have to match up the assigned car numbers from previous years by importing spreadsheet data into the new spreadsheet. ProQ tracks the car numbers through the years and automatically re-assigns it to the right car.  This saves hours!


  • We used to stop taking registrations a week early, but now we take them right up to the night before.  Because of that, we get more pre-registrations and less walk-in registrations.


  • Real time data goes into a single database as tickets are scanned.  Users can see exact attendance numbers and sales at any minute.  And, ProQ will generate up-to-the-minute reports for each department at any time: Drag Race, Autocross, Show and Shine.   Users do not do any cutting and pasting to get the information needed.   This is something we always struggled with in the past!


  • We sent out our first announcement at 4PM saying that registration was open.   Within hours we had already taken in more than the cost of ProQ.   It’s clear that ProQ is a real bargain!


  • Each registration includes a free T-shirt, so ProQ makes it easy to turn in orders and re-orders for shirts. When the order maker has access to the data, they won’t need to find someone to give them the information they need to send in the next order.


  • Most registrations are done online, which greatly reduces the handling of paper forms. However, some attendees will still want to print and mail a printed form with a check.  That’s OK with us because an appropriate user can quickly input the data and mark the registration as paid.


  • Users can immediately display the registration form as submitted if an attendee has a question about their profile.  So, we can quickly fix any errors on the spot.


  • Automatic fraud protection is comforting.   A pre-registrant might make a copy of his data and give it to a friend, but only one person can get in on a ticket.   ProQ marks the ticket as used the first time it is scanned.  If a second person shows up with the copy, ProQ will show it as not valid.


Stop Using Paper Forms


Some of her pain points probably also apply to your upcoming event.  Is your check-in line slow and frustrating for people who just want to get into your event quickly?  Do you cut off registrations well before the event so you can make and organize all the packets?   Are you tired of wasting hours importing and exporting data between apps to get ready for the event?

Alexiss wants to recommend ProQ Motorsports Event Management Software for other car shows and motorsports activities.  You can email Alexiss directly.   She would be glad to speak with anyone about her ProQ experience.


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