Dragstrip and Speedway Directory – Are You Listed?

February 17, 2017

dragstrip directoryA new dragstrip and speedway directory is in the final stages now.   The published version will come out soon.  The Motorsports Directory will be the most accurate motorsports directory available anywhere.  Fans and businesses will find it handy and useful in many ways.  The directory provides a new opportunity – free marketing for fans and a way for them to find and connect with the track.

Print and Online Versions

The catalog will be published in both printed and online versions.   Users will decide whether they want hard copy or virtual, or both.   Everyone who owns or manages a dragstrip, speedway, or other motorsports entity can quickly check their listing online.   People can add or update information at any time for free because the publisher does not charge for listings in the directory.   This easy update capability should lead to a big difference in the accuracy of the data.

Accuracy is the Key

The information currently available about many dragstrip and speedway locations is inconsistently accurate, and sometimes completely wrong.  Many of the existing  directory listings, web pages and other resources are out of date.   Furthermore, some of them have even gone out of business.  Some of them were replaced by another type of business, but are still listed as a motorsports venue.   Our industry and our fans deserve better information than that.

dragstrip and speedway listings for CaliforniaThis new resource will improve on that level of accuracy.  Motorsports Directory will list tracks by geographical location first, then by name in alphabetical order.   Website URLs, social media connections and key contacts are included in all entries.   The publisher has recently researched each of them to make sure they are up to date.

The printed directory will be a two sided book, but it will be a little smaller than normal for easier handling.   All the dragstrips in the US, Canada and Australia will be listed on one side.  The reverse side will list all the speedways in those same countries.  The book will be cover-side up for your use, regardless of which way you lay it down.

Also, the directory will show historical information about famous tracks that are now closed.   Look at the image to see an example about the famous Lions Dragstrip in California.

Other important information will be included in the publication.  Listings will include both the size and type of track as well as the sanctioning bodies.  JEGS, Speedway Motors, and many other fine motorsports companies are sponsors of the directory.

Are You Listed in the new Directory?

The listings should include  your motorsports company.  That visibility is important to you if you manage or own any related business.  Click this search link and take a look.    You do like free advertising, don’t you?