Car Club Software That Untangles National and Local

September 15, 2016
car club software
Copyright: mblach / 123RF Stock Photo

Finding the right car club software can be difficult.  National clubs and Regional chapters have a complicated relationship which you need software to handle. Many clubs require new members to join the parent club before they can join the local club.  That requirement leads to a separate paper application and a separate check mailed to the parent club.

The relationship adds extra effort and cost on the part of the new member who has to print the form, fill it out by hand, address an envelope, stamp it, and add their check.   It also puts extra work on the club volunteers who have to process those paper forms when they arrive and deposit the checks at the bank.  If you want to grow your club, you don’t want either the prospects or the volunteers to see joining as a burden.

Simple Web Forms – One Transaction

ProQ is car club software can make this whole process so much simpler.    A simple web form on the local club’s web page would allow the new member to fill out the required info (all that is needed at both levels) and make a simple online payment with their credit card. The local club could then send in a monthly report with a single payment for the total of all new memberships that month.  How easy is that?

When both the national and local clubs use ProQ as their car club software, there is no need to transmit the report or the payment.  The built in white-label feature would separate the monies paid into the right account, and both would have the same historical data available to them.   The new member would have entered all the data, which would reduce errors and cut down on the effort needed by volunteers.     ProQ Motorsports – What a great solution!