Brand Building for Drivers

March 8, 2016
Brand Building
Copyright: dogfella / 123RF Stock Photo

Most modern drivers think a lot about “branding” or “brand building.”  This is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other ones. What a driver communicates visually and verbally is part of his brand strategy.  That strategy ties in to fans’ perceived notions about a driver’s talents and personality.  It also helps to build their emotional attachment to him.   Being consistent is very important in branding, and that isn’t always easy.  However, ProQ motorsports event software can make it easier.

ProQ was designed to combine many of the computerized administrative tasks that racers do regularly under one software program.  Racers don’t have to go in and out of different programs to accomplish a task, so it speeds up the work.  Contacts change and must be updated often, but with ProQ you only need to edit them in one place.  Many drivers are now accustomed to tweeting regularly, but by using ProQ they can refine the process.  Since everything is in one database, it helps to identify relationships, reach out to people faster and easier, and keep the branding consistent in the process.

Your Valuable Database

Building a database takes time, but ProQ helps that effort by its use of embedded forms.  The forms are placed in a driver’s own web site.  After a fan fills out a contact form online, that data is immediately transferred into the driver’s ProQ database. What a driver does with that is up to him, but later he could send out an e-mail, a tweet, a Facebook post or even a newsletter to his fans.  They can be grouped in many ways with different messages sent to each group.   All it takes is a quick search and ProQ produces a list.  The driver can then easily continue that important brand building any way he desires.

By Linda Mansfield