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find a sponsor part 2

Find a Sponsor with ProQ – Part 2

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August 16, 2016

This is the second part of an article explaining how ProQ can help you find a sponsor. There are three big keys to any kind of sponsorship hunt.  Or any sales in general. (1) prospecting, (2) networking, and (3) fulfilling a need (professionally and at a competitive price.) ProQ can help you with all three.  Let’s take it one step […]

find a sponsor

Find a Sponsor with ProQ – Part 1

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July 15, 2016

Can ProQueue motorsports event software find a sponsor for your racing team? Unfortunately no, but it makes finding one easier and much more likely. When looking for a sponsor, your first step is probably to ask the marketing department of the series you compete in to e-mail you its latest marketing deck. It will include some good photos, inflated attendance figures that no one could ever prove, some estimated TV ratings if the series has some sort of TV presence, and a map that shows where the races are held.

software for racing teams

Software for Racing Teams

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March 7, 2016

Think of how slow pit stops would be if only one service was performed per stop. It would take several laps for a car to receive four new tires, fuel, a chassis adjustment, get its windshield cleaned, etc. The beauty of the modern pit stop is how quickly everything is done simultaneously. Some people have even referred to it as an automotive ballet. ProQueue motorsports event software, or ProQ for short, is a little like a pit stop. Taken individually, each of the administrative tasks it accomplishes isn't anything that other software can't do. But when all the tasks are done using one software package and one database, the jobs are speeded up and more synergies develop.